Sites I Recommend

Sites I Recommend


Profit Accumulator offers a very slick website with better information and guides to hand-hold new users through their first few bets. Once registered, you’ll be given a step-by-step guide for each of the main bookmaker signup offers including the calculations and training videos.

A big advantage of Profit Accumulator is the ability to sign-up for a free trial (no payment method required) and go through the first 2 sign-up offers to see if Matched Betting is for you.

Cost: £17.99 / £150

Subscription Length: 1 Month / 1 Year


  • Easier for new members to understand
  • Full ‘hand-holding’ through initial sign-up offers
  • Good quality training videos


  • Limited information on advanced casino and bingo offers
  • No details for experienced sharbers

Profit Accumulator also offer a loyalty scheme:




If you’re already an experienced Matched-Bettor and are looking for information on advanced casino offer sites, please drop me an email.