Bet365 Inplay offer – £35 risk free

Bet365 Inplay offer – £35 risk free

I love Bet365, their new account signup offer is one of the most generous around with a £200 matched deposit bonus and only 4x rollover. I made £160 off of this within 3 days. Cheers!

But it’s not just the signup offer I’m a fan of, its also the recurring football in-play offer. Many of the big bookmaker sites will do in-play offers, usually a “Bet £20 get £10” inplay. With a qualifying loss of ~£1 on the first bet and 70% retention on the inplays it’s a pretty easy £6-£7 profit for a few minutes work.

Bet365 do a far rarer but much more valuable “Bet £50 get £50” inplay! It’s an easy £35 profit for the exact same amount of work as the £6-£7 ones above!

They’ve got one such offer on the Manchester City v Real Madrid football match Tuesday 26th April.

I placed a £50 qualifier bet of back odds of 3.0, Lay odds of 3.1:


For a total cost of £2.27

When the match starts, I’ll be looking for a close match of odds around the 6.0 – 8.0 area with perhaps 0.5 difference in the back/lay odds. This should give an estimated return of:


For a return of £37.81


Total estimated profit: £37.81 – £2.27 = £35.54



9 thoughts on “Bet365 Inplay offer – £35 risk free

  1. Tap, Tap, Boom indeed! 🙂

    Nice work Guy, looks great!

    Look forward to see how this site develops.

    As an aside, I was unlucky enough to have to do the full rollover for the Bet365 deal, ie I had £1.2k sitting there with barely a pound in my exchange. It took a deal longer than 3 days (more like weeks!) but it was worth it!

    1. Thanks Weenie!

      I also hit the roll-over requirement but luckily had the backing bank to see it through quickly. It’s why I left the B365 offer till one of the last and suggest others do the same. I had a similar issue last week where a £200 signup won.. and I tried to avoid the rollover by placing it all on a 5.0 odds.. which also won. £2000 into the bookmaker with 30x £50 bets to do to get it out. Decided to cut my losses and bail on that one.

  2. Hi Guy – nice new site 🙂 – I have just started matched betting too and I was wondering your thoughts on mug bets? do you do them, if so how often?
    I keep seeing contradictory information on forums as to different tactics and it is really tricky to find out what actually works.
    Personally i’m not really convinced that doing a few mug bets here and there will make you look like a ‘regular punter’ and that its mainly down to luck as to whether you fall under the radar. What do you reckon!?

    1. Personally I’m not a huge fan and do question their value. I’ll occasionally throw in some extra bets around the one on the offer. For instance if there are 3 matches on at the same time with 1 having a special offer, I’ll bet on 2 or all 3 of the matches. Other than that I don’t really go out of my way to mug bet and I’ve known people who do mug bet to still get gubbed along with everyone else.

  3. Thanks for the response – glad that you seem to think on the same lines as me. One other question is are you cashing out any of your profit or keeping it in the bookies so you can keep building it? – I’m still trying to work out how much of my spare cash to put towards matched betting to make future profit (and when I would plan to cash this out) and how much to put towards my funds and filling my ISA allowance! Any thoughts on this one? – cheers

    1. I’ve built up a bank of £2k in both Betfair and Smarket exchanges, anything over this at the end of each month I’ll skim off. For the bookies I might leave something in there depending on the bookie. One of the big ones that I use regularly I’ll leave anything up to a couple of hundred in there. For the smaller ones, or bingo sites that I’ve no intention of ever returning to I’ll withdraw the whole lot asap.

  4. Hi there, thanks for this blog its what convinced me to give match betting a go! currently worked through one sign up promotion via profit accumulator and working through the rest slowly to get to grips with it. One question i have for you though is i see a lot about getting banned from the websites for matched betting- do you do any ‘mug bets’ to avoid this? or have you had any problems? thanks

    1. Hi Maggie,

      Yes I do do the occasional mug bet although nowhere near as many as I know some people do. I’ve been banned from a few bookies including those I’ve mug betted with so I’m not entirely convinced of the value of doing mug bets.

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