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Month: December 2016

November Profit: 1875.14

November Profit: 1875.14

What a month! Right up until the last weekend this was looking to be only around £1k profit, not to be knocked but still far below what I’m used to… then BOOM! Gamesys throwing away hundreds of pounds worth of bonus money with only 2x wagering across the multiple sites they operate. From this I cleared almost £400 worth of profit in just a single evening.

Then on the Saturday I managed to hit one of the extra place payouts from Paddy Power. They were paying 5 places whereas I’d layed off on Betfair for 4 places. My horse came 5th and so I won with both Paddy Power and Betfair for a double payout. £300 profit.


Bets of note for this month:

  • £400 across the Gamesys sites
  • £300 Paddy Power each-way snipe
  • £100 from Betfred £25 x 3 for £25 Greyhounds
  • £100 from APs FGS on Betfair Sportbook
  • £40 Netbet sports reload
  • £40 Bwin sports reload