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Month: October 2016

First full year of Matched Betting

First full year of Matched Betting

This weekend marks the 1st year anniversary of my journey into the world of Matched Betting. What started out as a chat down the pub with an old friend about how he paid his £300 a month rent through a ‘gambling system’ has now turned into a major source of income, usually beating the 9-5 job each month.

It’s not month end yet so I havent updated the site’s overall profit figure, but I do know its going to be over £20,000!

That’s £20k of tax-free cash I’ve made in time when I’d have otherwise been sat infront of the TV or down the pub. This time last year I hadn’t ever placed an online bet before, been into a bookie shop or even watched a single horse race! Now I’m regularly putting through £8k+ worth of bets every month and maintaining a cash balance of £10k across my backing bank and bookie accounts. It’s a pretty major operation but has paid out far more than I’d ever expected and I’ve enjoyed it the whole way along!

Choosing to renew my subscriptions to the Sites I Recommend was the easiest decision I’ve made all week.

Going back through past records, here’s how my monthly profit grew:

Oct 2015 (1 week): £323

November 2015: £806

December 2015: £1158

January 2016: £932

February 2016: £900

March 2016: £2206

April 2016: £1610

May 2016: £2427

June 2016: £1877

July 2016: £1445

August 2016: £1828

September 2016: £2781

October 2016 (3 weeks): £2059

Total: £20,352





What is Sharbing

What is Sharbing

Shop-Arbing, or Sharbing is taking advantage of arbs or offers in physical bookie shops. Most of the maths behind doing so is exactly the same as if you were doing the offer via an online account.

Advantages of Sharbing

  • Avoids gubbed accounts.

Even if you are gubbed via your online account with a particular bookie; you will still be able to place bets and take advantage of their offers in store. Most in-store offers do not require you to use any sort of tracking loyalty card which means the bookie has no idea who you are and thus whether you are banned online or not.

  • Able to place multiple bets

While we are limited online to just one bet per offer per bookie.. with sharbing you are only limited by how many physical shops you can get round. If you have 2 of the same bookmaker shop nearby then you can go into both and place the exact same bet. This is excellent for “refund if lose” type bets as you can place bets to cover both teams across 2 shops.

  • Odds change much slower

In-shop odds tend to stay static for a long time, even when the price is a clear arb compared to the exchanges. This allows you to get excellent matches, or even profitable arbs between the shop price and exchange. Saturday mornings are the best time for this as the exchange odds on football will tend move around once the team lists get announced, allowing you to run round all the bookies in town placing arbs.


Disadvantages of Sharbing

  • Need to physically place the bets

This is an obvious one.. you need to actually go into the shops to place the bets. The first time you walk into a bookmaker it can be quite overwhelming and confusing, especially as all the odds are given in fractions.

  • Must remember to lay off bets

Only a fool would sit in the middle of a bookmaker and lay off their bets from their phone. Instead you need to remember to lay off your bets later once outside the shop so you don’t get caught browsing the exchanges.

  • You can get Shubbed

If the cashiers think you’re making too much money from that particular shop they may mark you as a ‘sharp punter’. This means all of your bets in that shop will be scrutinized and they may try to either limit your bet amounts or ban you from receiving free bets.


Some of the best current Sharbing offers

  • Paddy Power refund if losing at half time

This is the exact same offer as avaliable online. Place a bet on a team to win on selected matches and get a free bet if they are losing at half time (regardless if they then go on to win). If you have 2 or more Paddy Power shops near you then bet on team A in shop 1 and team B in shop 2.. guaranteeing you a free bet as long as it’s not a draw at half time. You can also do this multiple times per shop. Go back at different times on different days and place the same bet multiple times. Just make sure you spread out the collection of winnings & free bets s they don’t realise you’ve done this. Typically I’ll place the same bet 3 or 4 times in a single shop on different days.

  • Ladbrokes refund if draw

Ladbrokes offer a refund if it’s a draw across 4 markets on selected games. The real value in this is if you have a Grid card as it allows you to bet on the win-draw-win market and still qualify for the offer. Grid cards can be picked up by giving your name, address + email address to the cashier.. however they don’t check ID. If you were to obtain multiple grid cards you could place multiple bets on at the same shop (different days, of course) all using a unique grid card. You’re also able to place the same bet using the same Grid card in different shops. Essentially if you had 3 grid cards and 3 shops nearby you could place the same bet up to 9 times:

£200 worth of free bets from a single offer
£200 worth of free bets from a single offer
  • Coral £10 machine credit

Coral frequently run promotions both in store and online which will give you £10 free machine credit to use on a specific slot in store. To do this you require a Connect card which must be linked to your online account. The offers are usually “Spin £20 on X slot, get £10 to use in shop” or similar. The great thing about these is that there are usually at least 2 online and 1 inshop per week, giving you £30 worth of free machine credit every week.

  • Plain old Arbs

Arbs are the simplest and easiest form of profit from matched betting, however do it too often online and the bookies spot it easily. Fortunatly in-shop they are much slower at spotting where arbs have occurred and who is taking advantage of them. Most arbs will have a 5-10% return, giving you an easy £5-£10 per £100 bet per shop. Find one of these and it’s then just a game of getting around as many bookie shops as possible before the price is cut (they will tell you if this has happened when you try to place the bet). My most profitable of these has been a 15% return per shop in Coral of which there are 8 near me. I jumped on the motorbike and made £120 in 45 minutes.

Alot of experienced Sharbers will also under-lay the arbs giving them an even bigger profit if the bet should win. This helps compensate for the fact that you need to go back to collect any winnings in person.

September profit: £2780.87

September profit: £2780.87

Tap Tap Boom! September saw my highest every Matched Betting profit, bringing in almost £2800 after expenses. I hit the sharbs hard this month as well as a couple of decent casino wins. I’ve also started creating more guides for this so you can take your matched betting up another level.


Specific bets of note for this month:

  • £200 worth of free bets from the Ladbrokes in-store draw offer
  • £100 from a sharb on the england game
  • £200 from a slot win whilst trying to re-trigger the Gamesys welcome back offers
  • £300 from coral’s win-win offers
  • About £400 from Paddy Power’s losing at half time offer both online and instore