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Month: September 2016

£650 in 2 days – My most profitable weekend so far

£650 in 2 days – My most profitable weekend so far

Firstly I’d like to say a huge thank-you to everyone who took the time to reply to my email message answering a few questions about your experiences with Matched Betting and ideas for improving my site. Some of the replies were a real eye-opener and made me realise just how much information there is about the whole Matched Betting concept and that it can all be very overwhelming.

As promised; I am glad to thank Andy for providing the most detailed replies and we’ve had our 1-to-1 coaching call already. I hope he gained some useful information out of it!

One of the main themes running through alot of the replies I received was that people wanted to see far more detailed information on exactly which offers I’ve been taking part in and exactly how much each offer has been worth to me. While I post my monthly profits in a summary post, I usually only highlight a few of the stand-out points without really drilling down into them.

So today is going to be the first of many posts with far more detail about the offers I’m doing and profit received from them. I had one hell of a weekend, to put it bluntly! £650 worth of profit in 2 days is exceptional and by far my biggest earning weekend in the 11 months I’ve been going so far. So how did I do it?

This was a combination of a few offers which ended up paying out massively. Its a real shame the Ladbrokes “money back if a draw” offer didn’t hit as that would have been another £200+. Ah well, can’t win them all!

Coral £100 boost

This is an exceptional offer whereby on selected matches Coral will boost your profit by up to £100 if your team wins both halves. You just back and lay 1 of the teams (usually the favourite) and hope they win both halves. The £100 boost has to be on your PROFIT so we need to do a simple equation to work out how much to bet:

TOTAL TO BET = 100 / (Back odds – 1)

So if the back odds are 5.0 you need to bet 100/(5-1) = £25. This will give a return of £125 which is a profit of £100.

If the back odds are 2.5 you need to bet 100/(2.5-1) = £66 (round it up to £70 or down to £65).

Note* Winning both halves is not the same as winning the match overall. A team which is 1-0 at half time but then goes on to win 2-1 at full time has not won both halves; they’ve won the first half but not the second half.

Thankfully this offer came in on the West Ham v Southampton game on Sunday. I had 2 x bets on Southampton to win on myself and my partner’s accounts. They won 1-0 at half time and then 3-0 at full time resulting in the offer trigger. Qualifying losses for the initial bet was about 2 x £2. Overall profit: £196


Betfair 100% matched £5

Getting your head around the maths of casino offers can be quite difficult and really deserves it’s own guide explaining it. However to keep things brief here: The offer was for you to put in your £5, Betfair match it with their £5 and you then need to do £50 worth of bets before withdrawing any winnings. £50 worth of bets on a £5 ‘buy-in’ is excellent value as mathematically the averages will always end in profit. I tend to avoid casino offers which have anything 20x rollover or higher, this one was a measly 5x so I dived straight in.

2nd spin in and I hit this beauty:


Followed up by:


Now these are pretty exceptional wins, however if you look on the forums over at Profit Accumulator you’ll see other people are hitting these kind of big wins.  Obviously you’ll not hit them all the time, or indeed much at all, however by continuing the play through casino offers which are positive value over averages then mathematically you should hit a few big wins which more than over any losses. I was skeptical at first however the maths is there to back it up. If you’re looking to try out some casino offers I strongly recommend diving into all of the Gamesys sites. These give you a chance to hit a big win but, if done correctly, are completely risk free.  I’ve already written a guide on exactly what to do.


Paddy Power Half-Time Sharbs

Paddy Power continue with their ‘Money back if losing at half time’ offer both online and instore. This is awesome as it means you can cover both teams by backing 1 instore and the other online. This method guarantees you a £25 free bet as long as it isnt a draw at half time. Out of the 14 matches they’ve done the offer on so far.. 13 have triggered the refund!

What makes this offer even better is that you’re only really limited by your own time and how many Paddy Power shops you can get round. Personally I have 2 shops near me so will visit both of them multiple times throughout the week, each time placing a £25 bet on both the Saturday and Sunday offer games. By the end of the week I can have as many as 10+ bets on each team giving a profit of £200 should either of them be losing at half time.

If you’re looking to give this offer a try it is also on a couple of the mid-week UEFA games as well, giving you 4 opportunities per week! Just don’t go to collect all of your free bets in 1 go. There is no time limit on when you can collect your free bets, and once collected you need to use them within 7 days.



And that’s it! A busy weekend but also an extremely profitable one. If you want to start making big money from Matched Betting you should certainly look into doing Casino offers and Sharbs if not already.


August Profit: £1828.88

August Profit: £1828.88

August saw the return of the football and with it a great opportunity to start sharbing. This was the first month I started placing sharb bets instore and doing some of the in-shop slot machine offers. Both of which paid out well and I’m going to be hitting them even harder in September to rake in profits without the risk of being gubbed. I’ve still got a few sign-ups to do next month as a few more casinos have been added to the Profit Accumulator list, so hopefully that should get September off to a good start along with the Sharbing offers.

Bets of specific note for this month:

  • Both NetBet and Bet365 gave large reload offers for £140 profit
  • 10x Paddy Power inshop & online refunds for £200 profit
  • Heart Bingo £50 for £50 deposit. Instant £50 profit!
  • £350 profit where a horse dropped out last minute and my Lay liability went from £355 down to £5!
  • Coral instore slot machine offer for £65 profit