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Month: July 2016

Guaranteed Profit Casino Offers

Guaranteed Profit Casino Offers

Gamesys are a company who operate a number of different online casino & bingo sites. While their Signup offers are pretty poor.. the real value is in exploiting their follow-up offers which they email across. The best thing about this company is that you can sign up to all of their sites and receive the same offers for each! The main Gamesys sites are:

Virgin Games
Jackpot Joy
Monopoly Casino
Heart Bingo
Womans Own Bingo

Here’s the basic strategy for exploiting these free money providers with your overall profit and day in (#):

1. Signup and deposit £10. They will add £20 bonus money taking your total to £30
2. Spin exactly £5 worth on their slots. This will trigger their Welcome offer #1 which is “Play £5 for 3 days in a week to recieve £5-£10 cash back”
3. The next day, spin another £5 worth
4. On the 3rd day spin another £5 worth. They will credit you at the end of the week with £5-£10 withdraw-able cash
5. At the end of the week you’ll get your cash plus the Welcome offer #2 which is “Deposit £10 for £10.
6. Deposit £10 and receive £10. This extra £10 is withdraw-able cash instantly!

By now you will have deposited £20 but have £25-£30 withdrawable.

7. Withdraw your £25-£30 cash, pocketing £5 – £10 profit and leaving a locked bonus sum in the account
8. As you’ve already made a profit, anything left in the account is RISK FREE. So head over to Rainbow Riches and start doing £1 spins hoping to hit a big jackpot.
9. Either bust out of your risk free bonus, or hit a big jackpot. If you hit the jackpot either take the winnings to the bingo section and complete the wagering (buy max tickets allowed per game on the £2 game) or if there is no bingo section try and complete wagering on a slot.
10. Withdraw any winnings left after wagering.

Now you play the waiting game. Occasionally they will email you with another “deposit £10 for £10 bonus” email. Again you just chuck in another £10 to receive another £10 withdraw-able cash.  Perhaps spin a few quids worth then withdraw your profit.

Welcome to the money train 😉

There are many other casino offers like this! I recommend signing up for a guide site like Profit Accumulator to see a full list and be notified of new ones as they pop up.


**Edit 14/12/2016

Some people are now reporting that they do not automatically receive the 2nd followup offer as detailed in step #5 “At the end of the week you’ll get your cash plus the Welcome offer #2 which is “Deposit £10 for £10.”

Even if you do not get this, the Gamesys account is excellent value for the random offers they send out almost monthly.

June Profit: £1877.83

June Profit: £1877.83

Another decent month for matched betting. Started off slowly as a number of the offers at the beginning of the month involved placing overall bets on the Euros which have taken all month to settle. Surprisingly not a single big casino win this month, it was almost entirely down to a constant trickle of small £5 + £10 free bets from the many daily offers on the Euro matches.. showing that every little bit really does all add up! Incase you missed it; I had a long chat with my good friend Huw about Matched Betting and answered any of your questions. You can find the whole discussion here.

In June I placed a total of £8,049.51 worth of bets giving a return on investment of 23.33%


Bets of specific note:

  • £70 profit from Starspins signup
  • £73 profit from Betdaq casino signup
  • £92 profit from a horse racing Best Odds Gauranteed
  • 3 x £35 profit from Bet365 £50 in-play offers
  • £23 in-shop machine profit from a free code texted