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Month: June 2016

What Does Best Odds Guaranteed Mean?

What Does Best Odds Guaranteed Mean?

While signing up for accounts or viewing promotional material for bookmakers you will frequently come across the term ‘Best Odds Guaranteed’ without it being particularly clear what it’s referring to.


Best Odds Guaranteed is an offer alot of the bookies run on all or selected horse races. What it means is that if the odds for a horse go UP in the time between you placing your bet and the race actually starting, the bookie will pay out at the new higher odds if you go on to win.

What makes this situation particularly good is that your lay bet will not increase in line with the bookie odds. So if you place a bet at odds of 6, lay it off at odds of 6 and then odds raise to 10 before the race starts..the bookmaker will pay out 10x the stake however your original lay liability at odds of 6x remains.

As a result of this you may win 10x £25 with the bookie while only paying out 6x £25 on the exchange. An instant £100 profit!

While its not worth placing bets specifically to try and hit this offer, they can and do occur as you work through other offers and provided a nice unexpected boost. The most I’ve made from this was a £300 increase!


Matched Betting Q&A #2 – Join us Live!

Matched Betting Q&A #2 – Join us Live!

Following from our hilarious fail at producing a slick Q&A video last time; Huw and I thought it would be good punishment to attempt it again!

Huw is collecting questions in advance and you’re invited to join us live on the call.

What will we cover?

It’s down to you! We plan on answering your questions live this Sunday.

This post is designed to trigger your questions. So, what do you want to know?

  • What are your biggest concerns about starting Matched Betting?
  • What problems are you currently encountering?
  • What are your biggest frustrations?
  • What areas of Matched Betting would you like to have more clarity on?
  • How can you take your earnings to another level?

Check out all the information on Financially Free by 40.


The first rule of Fightclub…

The first rule of Fightclub…

Like most companies these days, bookmakers are extremely keen to attract new customers while effectively turning their backs on existing customers. All of the best and easiest offers are aimed at attracting the new signups with exsiting customer offers either being pretty non-existent or much harder to obtain. I’d guess it’s the main reason why alot of people mistakenly believe that it’s impossible to continue making money after completing all the sign-up offers.

Speaking from personal experience, I know this to be false. It is entirely possible to continue making a decent income even after completing all the signup offers however there’s no denying that it does take more time and an element of risk by tackling some of the casino offers.

Every now and then a new face will pop up on one of the Matched Betting sites and ask why then, if the signup offers are so good, they can’t just create 20 accounts all under different names and details? This question will either be met with a wall of silence or a quoting of the infamous:

You DO NOT talk about Fight Club

That’s because operating multiple accounts by a single individual is clearly against every one of the bookmaker’s terms & conditions. If you are caught they will ban all of your accounts and may even attempt to seize any funds still within them.

I used to help run an online gaming site which had similar restrictions on operating multiple accounts. I speak from experience when I say how easy it is to identify where someone is using the same browser, computers, connection, hardware etc to run multiple accounts.

And yet every month I see people posting profits way above my own, sometimes as much as £10k per month. Could they have gotten extremely lucky on a casino slot offer and hit the jackpot? Perhaps.. but every month, continuously?

No-one is going to come out and publicly admit to running multiple accounts under different details. The most common scenario given instead is that they are helping friends/family by guiding them through the various offers and then combining the profits from all of these different people under a single monthly profit count. However before you all run off to help Old Aunt Mildred signup for the latest Bet365 £200 offer.. be aware that there are precautions you need to take so that the bookmakers don’t think you’re just running all the accounts yourself:

  • Unique machine – This can be either a physical or virtual machine, but it should be unique. Simply clearing your cookies isn’t enough as all web-browsers carry a signature of their configuration which can be used to identify an individuals.
  • Unique connection – VPN or 3G dongles would be the best here, although some sites restrict access that they identify to be through a VPN.
  • Unique bank account – All accounts must be registered under the same name and address as the person being signed up.


As always; you do this at your own risk. It may be safer to just have Aunt Mildred signup to one of the betting guide sites herself 😉


May Profit: £2427.1

May Profit: £2427.1

Smashed through the £10k profit barrier this month and reached a new record for my most profit made in a single month! I’ve also got another £60 worth of free bets to use but will carry those over to June. May was an excellent month for casino offers which replaced the sports offers being removed at the end of the football season

In May I placed a total of £3,883.80 worth of bets giving a return on investment of 62.5%

Bets of specific note:

  • £87 profit from a £10 arcade bonus
  • £94 profit from the Tombola signup offer
  • £92 profit from 10 casino free spins
  • £35 profit from Bet365 inplay offer
  • £186 profit from Casino new signup offer