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Month: May 2016

Lock-in profit with a friend

Lock-in profit with a friend

I’ve seen a few casinos recently start doing % refunds on their various live casino games. Typically these will be 50 – 100% back on casino losses up to £X. I love doing these are they take only a few seconds and it’s possible to lock-in an almost guaranteed profit if you team up with a friend.


For instance take Sportingbet‘s 50% refund offer every Thursday. This is 50% of live casino offer losses back as bonus money with a 1x wagering requirement up to £10.

With the help of a friend we can lock-in £5 profit each by cancelling each-other out in the first bet and then matching the 2nd:

Person A: Bet £20 on roulette red

Person B: Bet £20 on roulette black

It’s extremely likely that one person will win £40 and the other will lose their £20. Meaning you both break even between you. However the person who lost their £20 will get a free £10 in bonus money. You then go back to the table and place:

Person A: Bet £10 (bonus money) on roulette red

Person B: Bet £10 on roulette black

Again; extremely likely that one person will win and the other will lose. However because half of the bet was placed with bonus money you will be up £10 between you, meaning an easy £5 profit each.

This only works on live casino where you are betting on the exact same table. Electronic versions of the live casino games are totally independent like slot machines.

How To Do Sports In-Play Offers

How To Do Sports In-Play Offers

Several of the main bookie sites now seem to be switching their “bet x get y free” offers to require in-play betting. I’d guess this is because they can offer worse odds during the in-play betting and because they know it’s harder for us matched-bettors to be able to get a decent match.

However there are several tricks I use to be able to gain the most profit from this type of offers:

Get your bets in early  

In-play odds shift very quickly and will change dramatically as soon as a goal is scored. Because of this I find it far easier to place my bets almost as soon as the match has kicked off. This way I’m able to compare the odds before kick-off and decide what matched bet I’m going to place. Once the game starts the odds on the bookie site will drop slightly but will usually be close enough for a good match anyway.


Place your back bet first

Placing bets in-play will have a 5 – 10 second time delay before the bet is accepted. What you don’t want to do is place your lay bet first with a £200 liability only for one of the teams to score a goal right afterwards and the bookie odds to plummet. By placing your back bet first you’re only risking the amount of your back bet and not the potentially much larger lay bet liability.


Stick to Win-draw-Win and Correct Scores

Because odds move very quickly during the match it can be difficult to get your bets placed in time before the odds shift, forcing you to recalculate everything again. the Win-draw-Win and Correct Score markets usually have the highest liquidity which means the odds change slightly slower than some of the less popular markets.


Accept higher qualifying losses

If you’re having to recalculate your bets after every single odds change or are always trying to find an 80% efficiency bet you’re going to be spending the full 90 minutes just trying to save 50p. Get your bets placed early and fast, even if it means a less than perfect match. Anything over £6 profit from a £10 free bet in-play is good enough value for me.


If you’re having problems, wait till half time

I don’t like waiting until half time because by then one of the teams may be 2-0 up and the odds are horrible to try and get a decent match. However, the odds also tend to stabilise over half time so if you’re struggling to find a decent match or the odds keep changing before you can get your bet placed then it may be best to wait until half time.

How I maximise value from free spins

How I maximise value from free spins

Many casino offers will involve giving out free spins. Sometimes purely just for logging in, but usually as a result of completing some wagering or deposit requirements.

Free spins will almost always be given as the lowest value of a full line spin stake for that specific slot. Some slots will have a minimum of 10p whereas others may be as high as 80p. Because of this it’s always best to use your free spins on the highest value minimum spin slot available. For casinos like William Hill this will be Sunset Beach.

Winnings from free spins will usually have a wagering requirement before you can withdraw the cash. The difficulty is trying to make and then retain enough money to grind through these wagering requirements. My tactics are:


  • Use free spins on slot with the highest value of minimum stake spin
  • Take any winnings from free spins to a high RTP slot like Halloween Fortune and do fairly high value spins (50p-£2)
  • Hope to hit an early large win on one of the high value spins
  • If I hit a large win, I’ll then reduce the stake down to 20p and try working through the wagering requirement


What I’m trying to do here is hit a nice early big win. If I don’t then I’ll bust out very quickly and so not waste much time.  If I do hit an early big win then I’m reducing the stake right down to try and smooth out the variance and grind through the wagering requirement.


Here’s an example of a £1 spin hitting the bonus round early. It won £24 which I then took away £18 after the wagering.

Coral Bet & Spin – £44.90 Profit

Coral Bet & Spin – £44.90 Profit

Coral do a weekly offer which equates to a risk-free casino bonus with only 10x rollover requirements – Coral Bet & Spin.

The Bet & Spin is offered on a specific football match whereby you need to place a £10 bet in return for a £2 – £100 casino bonus. 99% of the time this bonus is just £2 however if you get lucky on an early spin it’s easy to complete the wagering requirement and walk away with profit.

What makes this offer risk-free is that when your bonus money gets down to under 50p it automatically converts back to cash. So just find a bet where the qualifying loss is less than 50p:


I had a £2 bonus this morning. I hit an early bonus round on 50p spins which gave me £24.50 with only £18 worth of wagering left to do.


Followed by another bonus round near the end of the wagering:


Wagering all completed for a profit of £44.90 after 10 minutes worth of ‘work’ (autospins). Thanks!


April profit: £1610.58

April profit: £1610.58

Another month gone by and time to total up the overall profit for the month. As it stands as of this morning the monthly profit is £1610.58

I’ve still got a couple of open bets and on-going offers so that figure is actually more likely to be about another £100 higher but I’ll roll that profit over as part of May’s income when it hits my bank accounts.

In April I placed a total of £6231 worth of bets giving a return on investment of 25.8%

Bets of specific note:

  • £54.85 profit from a Coral casino 100% match up to £50
  • £186.12 profit from a horse race where the result was reversed by steward’s enquiry resulting in both the back and lay bets winning
  • 2x £35 profit from Bet365 £50 risk free in-play offers
  • £189.82 profit from William Hill casino offer
  • 8x £40 profit from William Hill FGS refunds