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Month: April 2016

Don’t ignore those casino offers

Don’t ignore those casino offers

I know alot of Matched Bettors out there who totally refuse to even consider doing casino offers as part of their Matched Betting strategy. It’s true; all casino games are weighted in favour of the bookmaker however just like with sports betting, we are able to exploit various welcome and recurring offers to gain a mathematical edge.

Unlike most sports offers though, casino offers are rarely entirely risk-free and instead rely on having the odds stacked in our favour. All casino games have a mathematical return to player percentage. For something like roulette and blackjack this percentage is extremely high as it’s almost a 50-50 split on who will win and you double your money if you do. For slots this percentage drops to around 90-97%. This means for every £100 invested in the slot machine, it will spit out £90-£97. Obviously this return is staggered so most spins will give back £0 while others will return £100, however it’s averaged over a long period and it’s this maths we rely on.

Think of playing slot machines as a downward sloping graph, whereby the more you play.. the more you’ll eventually lose on average. The trick to exploiting casino offers is for there to be enough ‘free money’ so that at the end of the wagering requirements you’ve still got your original money + some of the ‘free money’ left at the end.

There’s loads of online  calculators for working out whether a specific offer is going to give a mathematical return depending on the slot %, buy-in amount and rollover requirements. I regularly do casino offers and below is just one example I completed this week:



Here you can see I deposited £10, then 4 hours later withdrew £42.87 for a total profit of £32.87.

Some may argue that’s not a great hourly rate, however most slot machines have an auto-spin feature where you set the number of spins you want to complete and then leave it running. In this case I calculated how many spins it would take to complete the offer at the cost-per-spin, set that number into the auto-spinner and then went to watch some TV. Came back 4 hours later and withdrew my profit. Getting paid to watch TV, thanks!

Like sports bets, there are literally hundreds of this type of casino offer out there. The difficulty is filtering through to those which are either risk free or give a mathematical positive return, which is where the sites I recommended earlier come it.



A bore draw for some

A bore draw for some

Last night’s Man City v Real Madrid match was a dream come true for everyone on the Matched Betting circuit. Bet365’s awesome £50 inplay offer netted us a risk-free £35 each, but it also presented a great opportunity to hit one of the recurring offers from William Hill:


Boom! £50 free bet waiting for me this morning which will net an easy £40 profit.

A couple of sites offer bet refunds on correct score markets if the match ends 0-0. Normally the odds are not close enough to make this very worthwhile.. ie:  you’d be better off just taking the amount you’d lose on the qualifier and just doing a straight bet on the 0-0 correct score. However, occasionally the odds will be close or even a slight arb which make hitting this offer perfect.

This offer is on every single football match.

That’s one of the big advantages of signing up for a site like Profit Accumulator, you’ll gain access to the closed Facebook group where the extremely helpful community regularly post decent odds matches like the one I hit last night.


To give you an idea of the amount of recurring free bets you can accumulate, here’s a screenshot of my William Hill bonus history:



It’s easy money folks.


First Goal Scorer – The gift that keeps on giving

First Goal Scorer – The gift that keeps on giving

One of the biggest complaints I read about Matched Betting is people’s mistaken belief of being unable to earn any further profits once all the sign-up offers are completed. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Granted; the sign-up offers are probably the easiest and simplest bets you’ll do.. however by the time you’ve ran through the 50+ different bookmakers you ought to be pretty quick at calculating the stakes and placing the bets.

Many bookmakers do regular recurring offers which sites like Profit Accumulator are awesome for spotting, however you can also make some pretty decent returns on the constantly recurring offers. Dafabet are one such bookmaker who have this type of offer, which are available without needing to opt in or being invited. It’s just automatic!

I’m finding their most profitable to be the First Goal-Scorer Refund offer. Here you’ll receive an (up to) £50 refund if your first Goal-Scorer bet doesn’t win. So how do we take advantage of this? Simple:


Find a game and player who has a close match between the bookmaker back odds and Betfair lay odds. Aim for low odds players as these are more likely to score at some point in the game. You place your back bet & matched lay bet then hope the player scores 2nd.

If he does; your back bet loses.. your lay bet wins.. AND you get a refund on your back bet.

Acceptable qualifying losses for these are about £2-£4 for players with odds of about 5 or less. I’m currently hitting about 1/4 of these bets, so costing around £8-£16 losses for a £50 free bet. I’ll use this free bet to make a £40 return.

Total estimated profit: £40 – £16 = £24

Repeat as often as possible.

Bet365 Inplay offer – £35 risk free

Bet365 Inplay offer – £35 risk free

I love Bet365, their new account signup offer is one of the most generous around with a £200 matched deposit bonus and only 4x rollover. I made £160 off of this within 3 days. Cheers!

But it’s not just the signup offer I’m a fan of, its also the recurring football in-play offer. Many of the big bookmaker sites will do in-play offers, usually a “Bet £20 get £10” inplay. With a qualifying loss of ~£1 on the first bet and 70% retention on the inplays it’s a pretty easy £6-£7 profit for a few minutes work.

Bet365 do a far rarer but much more valuable “Bet £50 get £50” inplay! It’s an easy £35 profit for the exact same amount of work as the £6-£7 ones above!

They’ve got one such offer on the Manchester City v Real Madrid football match Tuesday 26th April.

I placed a £50 qualifier bet of back odds of 3.0, Lay odds of 3.1:


For a total cost of £2.27

When the match starts, I’ll be looking for a close match of odds around the 6.0 – 8.0 area with perhaps 0.5 difference in the back/lay odds. This should give an estimated return of:


For a return of £37.81


Total estimated profit: £37.81 – £2.27 = £35.54